How to know it’s time to make a change


As nice as it sounds to live in a tropical paradise year-round, I know I’d miss the seasons. I’d miss the semi-regular shift in the atmosphere, the sense of change, anticipation, and nostalgia that colours the background of every day. I’d miss reuniting with my favourite sweaters and staying inside watching movies guilt-free. I’d miss the excitement my spring allergies …

So, how do you clean your butt?

toilet washroom bidet

I was at a bar last weekend when the conversation seamlessly shifted from world politics and gender stereotypes to cleaning your butt, as it does. We began to reflect on our experiences with toilets abroad… When I found a bidet in nearly every French washroom, I was perplexed. Quoi? When I encountered the classic South East Asian “bum gun”, I …

Why being a newb is the best

surfing sunset newb

I have this place in my head I occasionally escape to when I close my eyes. Its a flashback to my Costa Rica trip this time last year. It was my first surf lesson, which I took with a company called Frijoles Locos (crazy beans). That day, the tides lined up perfectly with sunset, the beach was nearly empty, and the …