Go for walks

I’m basically the same being as my yellow labrador. After a long day of sitting inside, eyes glued to my computer screen, I’m itching to go for a walk.

Just ask my boyfriend – if he’s caught in the wrong (right?) place at the wrong (right?) time, I’ll be asking him to join.

Whether I hit the gym or not, everyday I squeeze in at least a tiny jaunt around the block. Why? Walking is your best friend. If you have the cherished ability to propel yourself forward with your own two feet for your own enjoyment or merely transportation, do it.

Just…When you can. When you should. When you don’t know what else to do.

Clear your mind, taste some fresh air, and get your heart rate up. Catch up with your best friend or your mom. Give your dog some love. Jam out to some music or listen to a podcast. When all else fails, just get to know yourself.

Why the hell wouldn’t you want to? You’ll be surprised what an impact a short daily walk can have.

Go for walks.