Taste it all and pick your pace

I always knew traveling alone was an amazing way to grow, learn, and make new connections, but I didn’t expect it to come so quickly and so intensely. I anticipated feeling more loneliness or sense of loss and confusion during the in-between moments – but I have yet to feel that.

Of course, it’s still early – it’s only been two weeks. But I’ve quickly found that I crave throwing myself into new social situations, while I also look forward to days spent exploring by myself. Sometimes I set the pace and sometimes it sets me. It’s been an effortlessly exciting and relaxing adventure so far.chiangmai

Meeting all these new people with a vast array of skills and aspirations also means some contagious creativity. I absorb little bits and pieces from everyone I talk to, which gives me new ideas for ways to learn, make money, and build skills that could open other doors or simple add to my personal life.

For example, the idea of building a business and/or working remotely in the long term is becoming more and more appealing as I uncover the different ways others to do so which I had never considered. The best part is that many of them are self-taught or learn via online resources. The amount of freedom that gives you while you build your professional and creative skills seems unbeatable.


Two dollars never looked so good.

Chiang Mai has been the perfect place to start my journey. And I’m not just referring to this South East Asia trip that will likely wrap up within a couple months.  My professional journey seems to be opening up too – not to mention my personal journey which hasn’t felt this vibrant in a long time. It’s shown me what I truly appreciate in people, in a city, in work, and in my free time.

I’ve got an exciting idea brewing that I hope to craft into a way of helping people while also helping myself. Hint: it involves food. And that is always a good thing.

But first, it’s down to Krabi and Ko Lanta where I’ll hopefully meet some more cool, new souls and definitely get some much-needed sea time.