The year of intentions

I’ve always took pride in my sense of self discipline, whether it was work and school, health and fitness, or a yoga practice. Far from whatever perfect is, but not bad.

Yet, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve mentally professed that I would start and up-keep a blog. Today, we go beyond mentally professing.

Other writing that HAD to be done always seemed to “get in the way” and, by the time I finished it all, the last thing I wanted to do was sit in front of a blank Word Doc for another minute. Any remaining creative juices were hidden in a few chicken scrawls of my journal or disintegrated all together.

Maybe declaring it on social media will help hold me accountable (the $60 WordPress charge helps too).

I still find myself sitting before many mandatory blank documents these days, but 2018 is the year of intentions, dammit (more on that later). And I intend to write about…my questions, my answers, my expertise, my experiences, and word vomit–if for no other reason than to flex my creative writing muscles (gotta get dem gains). Maybe it will lead me somewhere meaningful.

So, here’s to intentions.