Meal Planning and Nutrition

I’m self-taught and I want you to pass on the torch. I want to trigger a nutritious, food-loving domino effect.

There are so many misconceptions about food and nutrition out there. Many are understandable – it can be a complicated subject. Pair that with our busy western lifestyles and food can figuratively get thrown on the back burner, resulting in poor choices.

I’ve got an overarching philosophy when it comes to nutrition for the average folk: Think about it, but don’t overthink it. My goal is to help you develop stronger intuitive eating habits.

Your body is a temple and an amusement park. Eating well doesn’t have to mean swearing off certain foods, and enjoying what you eat doesn’t mean eating food with little-to-no nutritional value every day and saying goodbye to vegetables.

There are a thousand cookie-cutter meal planning programs. This isn’t one of them. This also isn’t a rigid do or die schedule. I offer extremely personalized meal planning and coaching to help you reach your goals and fuel your passion for food in a way that is healthy, fun, intuitive, and sustainable. If you’re looking for some basic tips and ideas to plan your meals and improve your eating habits, this is for you.

Here’s roughly what it will include:

  • An initial Q&A session to figure out your needs and goals
  • A customized grocery list to get your ball rolling
  • A sample week-long meal plan with full recipes
  • A brainstorm of extra meals and/or recipes according to what you like
  • On-going communication with me if any questions arise
  • A follow-up conversation to see how the first week goes
  • A cheat sheet of my “go-to guidelines” for healthy eating
  • Suggestions for external sources to help you broaden your knowledge

Many people say motivation is bull shit – it’s all about habits. I’m one of those people. This isn’t to say motivation isn’t real – it does exist and appear from time to time. But that’s it – time to time. There one moment, gone the next. Habits are harder to break and easier to sustain. I believe they are at the core of intuitive eating.

Drop me a line for more information and pricing details.

Note: I am not a registered dietician or nutritionist, simply a well-read food lover who believes in a healthy, flexible lifestyle. I want to share my passion and help people develop confidence in eating “healthy”. If you have a medical condition you’re looking to treat with your diet, I encourage you to reach out to a registered professional.